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Istanbul is not a great city because of its view but also because of the cultural venues. Because it has many museums where it will take you on a journey far, far away. And one of these is: Istanbul Modern.

 This wonderful place, one of the most visited museums of Istanbul, is a reason to love this city. You can feel the beautiful city while sipping your tea in the cafe’s terrace, then purchase your ticket and go into the exhibition... And the most important thing you feel when doing this is, peace! Of course, we are not even mentioning the wonderful experiences of the exhibition!

In this article, we gathered what you need to know about Istanbul Modern. Therefore, if you have not visited before, you may have information about this important museum and visit it as soon as possible.

Where is Istanbul Museum of Modern Art?

Where is Istanbul Museum of Modern Art?

Istanbul Modern, the first modern art museum in Turkey, is located at Karaköy Harbour,  between Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty and Tophane-i Amire. This pleasant venue  was actualized by converting the warehouse building no. 4, built as a dry cargo store for Turkish Maritime Organization, into a museum. It has been welcoming its visitors since its opening day, December 11th 2004, However, in 2019, the currently used building will be moved to the Packet Post Office building in Karaköy until due to the Galataport Project The current address of Istanbul Modern is:

Meclis-i Mebusan Cad. Liman İşletmeleri Sahası Antrepo 4, 34433 Karaköy, ISTANBUL

Tel: 0212 334 73 00

How will you go to Istanbul Modern?

Istanbul Modern Art Museum is located at the pier behind the Nusretiye Mosque. Those who use the bus and trams can get there easily by getting off at Tophane stop. Private vehicles must pay a parking fee to use the Museum’s parking lot.

What are the exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art?

What are the exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art?

The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art holds exhibitions of modern and contemporary art from Turkey and abroad on both floors of the museum building. Selections from the Museum Collection are on view in the Permanent Exhibition Hall on the main floor. Collection exhibitions such as  works such as painting, sculpture, installation, video, new media and photography are changed periodically to demonstrate the great variety of artistic media employed by artists from Turkey since the early 20th century. Additionally, selected works by artists from other geographies are grouped around intersecting themes with works from Turkey to present a cross section of contemporary art around the world.

On the ground floor, two or three temporary exhibitions are on view simultaneously in the Temporary Exhibition Hall, Photography Gallery, and Pop-Up Exhibition Area.  The Temporary Exhibition Hall hosts conceptual exhibitions of modern art in Turkey Comprehensive global and regional exhibitions on current issues in visual arts are also held in this hall.  The Photography Gallery presents group exhibitions exploring the evolution of photography in Turkey and abroad and the impact of art movements on photography, as well as exhibitions of prominent photographers from Turkey and other geographies The Pop-Up Exhibition Area has a dynamic program of exhibitions and programs on visual culture, including architecture, design, moving image and new media.

What are the museum hours and admission fees?

Before answering the question when Istanbul  Modern can be visited, we must say that all events are free of charge on Thursdays. Apart from Mondays, the museum is open all days of the week and visiting hours are as below:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10.00- 18.00

Thursday 10.00- 20.00

Admission fees are as below:

Regular: 25 TL

Discounted 14 TL

Group (More than 10 people) 20 TL

Museum Members, Children Under 12, Visitors with Disabilities, ICOM and CIMAM Cardholders can enter for free.

In addition, Tuesdays between 14.00 and 18.00 the museum is free for people between the ages of 18-25.

Istanbul Modern from past to present

Istanbul Modern from past to present

The foundation story of Istanbul Modern dates back to 1987, during the 1st  International Contemporary Art Exhibition, known today as the International Istanbul Biennial. The first biennial in Istanbul brought a great deal of interest and dynamism to the city's art scene. Motivated by the interest shown in the event, Dr.  Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı  embarked on the project to endow Istanbul with a permanent Museum of Contemporary Art.

Eczacıbaşı who was in search for a while, converted the Feshane, a former 19th century textile manufacturing plant on the Golden Horn, into a Museum of Contemporary Art. Although this building housed the 3rd  International Istanbul Biennial in 1991, it never reached its long term goal. From that day on, a modern art museum with many projects was tried to be established however, these initiatives failed for lack of suitable space or due to difficulties in obtaining artworks to form a permanent collection.

This nice dream came back to life, once again in 2003, when the fourth warehouse  near the Mimar Sinan Academy of Fine Arts, served as the main venue for the 8th Istanbul Biennial  After Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the then Prime Minister, gave his approval for the permanent use of the site, the Project’s main obstacle was removed.

Following the approval, the 8,000 square meter dry cargo warehouse, built by the Turkish Maritime Organization, was transformed into a modern museum building with all corresponding functions. And welcomed Istanbul residents on December 11th 2004.