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Health is the most valuable thing a person can have. Of course, there are things we can not control to be healthy. But on the other hand, we should not forget that there are things we can control. Only by making some changes in our lifestyle we can become healthier and protect our health and extend our life. Who would not wish to live a long and healthy life?

Although aging is an inevitable fact of life, it is a fact that this process is accelerated by maintaining some unhealthy habits. You can always feel healthy and young with a few positive changes you will make in your life, and you may look younger than your peers even as you grow older. Here are 8 habits for a healthy life.


1. Exercise Regularly

We know that doing regular exercise completely affects one's quality of life. Especially nowadays, the density of work, traffic, financial troubles and so on, we are exposed to too much stress. Stress also affects both our physical and mental health negatively. The most meaningful way to eliminate this effect is to do exercise. With exercise not only do we heal our body, we also feel good about devoting time to ourselves. It is also scientifically proven that exercise improves the release of the happiness hormones in the body. Therefore, make sure to exercise regularly for a healthy life.


2. Drink more water

Water, our source of life, is one of the first habits for a healthy life style. When we think about the fact 75 percent of our body is made up of water, we already understand how important this drink is to us. Therefore, drinking plenty of water is a must for a healthy life style. The average amount of water a healthy person needs to drink during the day is 2-2.5 liters. But because some of us do not have the habit of drinking water, we do not even consume half of this amount. However, it is not that hard to make a habit of drinking water. If you place a water pitcher on your desk, center table, etc. it will remind yourself to drink water after a while, hence you will soon see that you have won this habit. And be sure that making a habit of drinking water will be the most valuable thing you can do for yourself.


3. Maintain sleep patterns

Sufficient sleep is important for a healthy life. Because sleep is very important for both, body and mind health. But what comes a difference at this point is between ordinary sleep and quality sleep. If you go to sleep with bad experiences that you experienced during the day, you will wake up tired the next morning and your day will be a non-starter. However, contrary to this, when you fall asleep with a clear mind, you will both feel that you have had enough sleep and have done something to protect your health. So, define a sleeping pattern for a healthy life style. Make sure to go to sleep, wake up at the same time and improve the quality of your sleep.


4. Meditate

Meditation means resting your mind. Did you know that many successful and healthy people start their day with meditation or meditate before they sleep every night? Because during meditation right side of brain works rather than the the left side which we use all the time. This rests both our inner wealth and our mind. Moreover, the only thing you need for this is yourself and a quiet environment. Thus, make a habit of meditating for your health. Even if you have difficulty silencing your mind in the beginning, you will see that you have accomplished it over time and you will want to continue this habit throughout your life.


5. Make time for yourself

A healthy life is possible not only with a healthy body, but also with a healthy mind. When one of these two is left behind, the being “healthy” condition is completely ridden. So, to live healthy we need to get make some habits not only for our body but also for our spirit. We must devote time to activities that are good for us, no matter how intense life is. Because when a person devotes time to themselves, he or she will take great pleasure in doing something for themselves and this will elevate energy. Since the mind feels healthy, the body is also affected by this and you will feel healthy. Therefore no matter how busy you are, take time for yourself and never sacrifice in this matter.


6. Have a check up

We mentioned above that there are things we can not control in a healthy life. Hence we need to have regular check ups in order to avoid the things we can not control. If you make a habit of having regular check ups, you can detect many disorders in advance and protect your health. Remember, our body is our home, and protecting our home is our most important task!


7. Spend time with your loved ones

In the age we live in, we all know how hard it is to spare time for our loved ones. For a number of reasons, we do not spare them time and hide behind excuses. But how good do we feel when we see them? Right? Thus we must remember this good feeling and not matter what spare some time for our loved ones. Humans are a social being  and can only exist within the social environment. So make a habit of sparing time for your loved ones!


8. To smile!

To smile! One just feels good by even seeing this word. A scientific research on laughter shows that even watching stressful movies slows circulation and damages veins however watching comedy protect your heart. Then again we are only taking about watching movies! And yet, can you imagine what the laughter can do for you? Laughing does not just make you feel good, it is also good for your physical health. This is what science says. Thus, make a habit of laughing for your health. What ever you are going through find something to laugh at for 15 minutes during the day!


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