25 October Wednesday


“I don’t know what you think of eating, but breakfast must have something to do with happiness.”

If the question is breakfast, then it is not possible to forget the famous verses of Cemal Süreya, a prominent Turkish poet. The poet is right when he says that the breakfast has something to do with happiness. It does, it really does! Breakfast lovers do not feel strange when someone praises this delicious first meal of the day. Because only they understand each other. The most precious activity for those who love breakfast is to have breakfastout in the weekends. The effect of these breakfast feasts is so much that they feel as if they had a long holiday. Well, and if you are with your loved ones, you don’t need anything else.

We have created a list of the cutest breakfast places so that you can feel deeply all of our depictions about the breakfast. Here are the 10 places thanks to which you can make the most of your breakfast time!


  1.    Namlı Gurme – Karaköy

namli gurme

Located in Karaköy, Namlı Gurme is the first place that comes to mind, when the question is about breakfast. Maybe, you have never had a breakfast here, but we are sure that it must have attracted your attention due to the crowd. Because, it is not possible to find a seat in the mornings, if you don’t arrive there early, or if you do not want to face up wait a little bit. Well, there should be a reason for that, shouldn’t it? One of the reasons that explains this crowd is, of course, unbelievably delicious breakfast assortments. And, you shouldn’t forget that this place has been awarded consecutively “best breakfast place for the year.”


2. Tarihi Çınaraltı Aile Çay Bahçesi - Çengelköy

cinaralti cengelkoy

This gorgeous view was also one of the filming locations of the Süper Baba (Super 
Dad), which was a legendary and popular Turkish serial during the1990s. You can bring your own breakfast with you when you visit this place and order your beverages from place’s waiters. We recommend you to taste the delicious filled pastries of the pastry shop located at the corner of the nearby street! Whether you choose to order your breakfast from the menu or grab Turkish bagels or filled pastries from the shop at the corner, you have no chance to spend bad time here. 


3.    Emek Cafe – Yeniköy

Emek Cafe is the first place that comes to mind, when you recommend someone a place for breakfast in Yeniköy. A senior seafront place have been delighting its customers with its breakfast menu for years. Maybe, that’s why this is one of the famous places: Its standard taste for years! If you are planning to have a breakfast in Emek Cafe, we recommend you to taste its menemen (a traditional Turkish omelette with eggs, tomatoes, and spices). In this cute place, you can enjoy the view for very affordable prices in the weekend.


4. Cafe Nar - Rumeli Hisarı
cafe nar

There are many places for breakfast around the Roumeli Castle, but only a few have a menu as successful and delicious as Cafe Nar’s menu. This chic and cute place is ideal for those who are planning to enjoy a breakfast near the Bosporus. From its budget-friendly menu, you can order anything you want. Besides, you can try different tastes that you haven’t tried before.


5. Kirpi Cafe- Koşuyolu

Kirpi Cafe is one of the famous and oldest places in Koşuyolu. In its menu, there are different breakfast assortments that appeal to different tastes. Thanks to the recently increased service quality, it has become one of the best breakfast places located on the Anatolian side. Due to that, those who want to make the most of the service quality and to taste delicious breakfast assortments can visit this place with a peace of mind.


6. Çeşme Bazlama Kahvaltı - Nişantaşı

cesme bazlama kahvalti

If you want to enjoy an Aegean breakfast in the heart of the Nişantaşı, Çeşme Bazlama Kahvaltı is the right place for you. It has always been one of the most preferred breakfast places around. There are many options in its menu for an enjoyable breakfast. If you are planning to visit around Nişantaşı, we strongly recommend to have a breakfast here!


7. Big Chef's - Tarabya

big chefs

This seafront place located in Tarabya appeals visitors both with its various food options and breakfast menu. Options in its open buffet are so various that you can enjoy it whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-lover. We must say that the place has also really high service quality. So, if you want to have a delicious breakfast and to take a breath of fresh sea air, you can plan to visit Tarabya.


8. Kaymakçı Pando - Beşiktaş

Kaymakçı Pando is the oldest breakfast place in Beşiktaş. You can taste natural honey, clotted cream, and eggs for really affordable prices. If you can’t decide where to have a breakfast in Beşiktaş, you can choose this place with a peace of mind. 


9. Sütiş - Emirgan

emirgan sutis

It has always worthed to have a breakfast in a sea view place. And, now think that you add a delicious breakfast to this wonderful view. Thanks to its easy-to-find location and tasteful menu, Emirgan Sütiş is one of the most preferred breakfast places in the coastal line. We must say that, because it is one of the crowded places in the town, you may not find a seat and wait a little bit. We recommend you to make a reservation before your visit. 


10. Naif- Karaköy

naif karakoy

This place is one of the cutest places in Karaköy. Its pişi (boortsog) is really famous and delicious. Don’t forget to taste when you are there for the breakfast! Its breakfast menu generally consists of local delicates, which makes this place one of the most appealing breakfast places. If you are planning to visit to Karaköy, we recommend stopping by Naif for a breakfast. 


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